Reaching kocaev with a motor vehicle

Kocaev can be reached from Marmaris by private car in approximately 45 minutes.

Reaching kocaev by air

A ferry accessed from the Bodrum airport will bring the visitor to Datça in 2.5 hours. The ferry departing from a point facing the Küba bar in Bodrum reaches the Datça Körmen port in 2 hours. It is a brief ten minute drive from this port to the Mehmet Ali Ağa Mansion - Kocaev. 

Road travel to Datça from Dalaman Airport and Marmaris takes three hours. Bodrum and Dalaman Airport pick-up is available upon request.

Reaching kocaev by sea

Datça can also be accessed via sea with a private yacht or other vessels. Distances between connecting ports are as follows: Bodrum and the port of Datça is 45 miles; Bodrum and the port of Körmen is 23 miles; Marmaris and the port of Datça is 45 miles, and Simi and the port of Datça is 11 miles.