Elaki Restaurant




At Kocaev nature and history are inspired by each other…
Built 200 years ago kocaev has established ts very own gastronomy traditions, values that have arisen both from the fertile soil on whi̇ch it was built and from its climate, one on which the sun smiles year-log.  
At kocaev fresh seasonal ingredients are transformed into a feast of flavor and beauty thanks to the creative touches of its region and its traditions.


Upon awakening in the morning Kocaev guests begin their day by winking back at the sun greeting them. As they open their windows they automatically take deep breaths so as to fully enjoy the fragrance of rosemary, thyme and citrus, all blending together and offering an invitation to the courtyard and the first meal of the day.

Guests are greeted by faces emanating with sincere smiles. The fragrances that had wafted through the windows are even more delineated here in this garden, lush with a cornucopia of colors and new aromas giving hints of the tasty flavors soon to be enjoyed.

Fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes and tender and mild peppers,

Cheeses originating from the four corners of Turkey,

Jam made following centuries-old recipes and traditions from the oranges and other fruits picked from the mansion’s own orchards,

Eggs fresh from the henhouse that early morning

Cheese enhanced buns hot from the oven; farm bread made of organic whole wheat and snippings from our herb garden, all harmoniously combining with the flavors of the others in this cornucopia of healthy and delicious delights.

Coffee is available either before or after breakfast and is enjoyed while gazing out over the views of the Mediterranean from Kocaev’s panoramic terrace. All of this leads to a deep understanding that we have been blessed by the Almighty and have been destined to lead long and healthy lives.



Elaki is the ancient name of the town of Reşadiye, the seat of Kocaev.

Elaki aims not only to nourish the physical body of its diners, but also to nourish its diners’ souls and spirits.

You will soon realize that many of the natural beauties of the garden, their looks, their touches, and their fragrances will be returning to you throughout the day, reappearing on its tables in the most modern and contemporary of guises.

You will soon gain an understanding of how well a freshly picked lemon complements a roasted, free-range chicken,

In some seasons you will be fortunate enough to experience the mouth-watering combination of freshly caught calamari, the garden’s own fresh herbs, and the tomatoes dried in the mansion grounds.

The Elaki staff are attuned to understanding visitors’ needs by only a glance. Nothing will ever be lacking; there will always be an abundance.

At the 70-person Elaki you can immerse yourself in a world of flavor by enjoying its delights alongside your Kocaev neighbors, or you can bask in the knowledge that we are both willing and able to serve you at times that meet your private and personal requirements. After all, we are committed to doing everything possible to ensure the complete satisfaction of our guests.


Following a long day, during which your spirit has been revitalized and after you have seen the sun slowly dip into the turquoise sea, you can now enjoy both sipping on a delicious Kocaev cocktail at the Stone Bar while also listening to the barman as he relates to you the ‘Legend of the Forest Dormice.’

Those who wish to finish the evening at the Stone Bar are also treated to warm dishes as they are removed from the Stone Oven and by the chef’s personally prepared appetizers. By now you will not be surprised to learn that the ingredients of the Stone Ovenoriginate from the sea below, the mountains surrounding us, and our very own garden!



Those who wish to personally go to the mansion’s cellar to select a wine choice for a very special dinner will be greeted by a very interesting detail. The cellar contains an exhibition of the proprietors of Kocaev throughout the years. You can drink to their health and imagine the wine tastings in the cellar in years past.


Datça, which enjoys a very special climate and variety of flora and fauna, is a natural treasure -- so much so that the world’s best almonds are grown in Datça. Datça’s fields and meadows are covered with an abundance of olive groves and wild-growing thyme, sage, rosemary, gentian, sumac, capers and much more. It is this wealth that we endeavor to share with our guests at Kocaev.

It is with this in mind that we invite you to study the details of the special program we title, ‘Discovering Gastronomy at Kocaev.

- Starting from the garden of Kocaev we visit the points of gastronomical interest on the discovery route connecting Kocaev to the Karya road, and enjoy picking and collecting wild edibles at their sources.

- Specially trained Kocaev staff describe the places these edibles play within our culture and their importance to regional diets.

- In the course of the food workshop, the edibles we have collected will be cooked at Kocaev’s open kitchen with these demonstrations led by Kocaev’s own chef or by other guest chefs.

- Both the food prepared during the demonstration and the conversation among the participants and staff will be enjoyed and shared in the garden.